Power Rangers Games

  • Battle Of The Worms
    Battle Of The Worms

    The forest is under attack! Save the villagers. Destroy the worms. Mystic Titans Dragon Formation. Ride your fierce dragon

  • Defense Academy
    Defense Academy

    Watch out for surprise attacks in this Power Rangers Jungle Fury game. When your trainer casts an attack move, click it with your weapon to block it.

  • Dino Gems
    Dino Gems

    Only when you've collected all the Dino Gems can you morph into a Power Ranger and help the other Rangers foil his evil plans!

  • Dress Up Rangers
    Dress Up Rangers

    Is very dazzling game and your main aim is make the attractive people for hit the enemies and win the war. Here you can show different colors dresses.

  • Dress Up Rangers 2
    Dress Up Rangers 2

    Choose gender then dress with the Power Rangers Uniform on right and click on camera pictures to get snap shot your character.

  • Extreme Upgrade
    Extreme Upgrade

    Help R.I.C. 2.0 to guide the Pink Ranger through 4 levels of highway danger to find Grumm . Arrow keys to move, space to jump, A to shoot tail blaster.

  • Gates Of Darkness
    Gates Of Darkness

    The Power Rangers are back in action! This time, the Hidiacs have taken Udonna deep into The Pit. Only the Mystic Force Rangers can help her now. Collect crystals to power your wands.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle
    Jigsaw Puzzle

    Classic jigsaw puzzle fun with power Rangers in 49 colourful pieces. Drag and shed the pieces to fit them in combination.

  • Megazord Firestorm
    Megazord Firestorm

    Put out all the fires to move to the next level. If the fire gauge fills, the game is over. Put out fires with water blasts. Use your laser beam to zap the krybots.

  • Rangers Moto-Race
    Rangers Moto-Race

    Use the Up and Down arrow keys to control your motorcycle, press and hold the Right arrow key to accelerate and the.

  • Mystic Training
    Mystic Training

    Your mission is to train with the Power Rangers by completing a series of five challenges -- one for each Mystic Ranger. Master all five to unlock the ultimate.

  • Ninja Storm
    Ninja Storm

    Put your ranger skills to work - jump, climb, and run to take the red power ranger through the obstacles and achieve your goals.

  • Red Hot Rescue
    Red Hot Rescue

    The evil Dr. Mercer has trapped Tommy! It's now up to you to harness the powers of the remaining Rangers and rescue him. Use each Rangers ability to get through each level.

  • Super Legends Puzzle
    Super Legends Puzzle

    Play as 12 different Power Rangers from the series' history as you engage in solo or co-op Zord battles to save the world from evil.

  • Rangers Vs Robot
    Rangers Vs Robot

    Choose a character and fight in a close combat. Make click with the mouse in the inferior menu to choose your movement.

  • White Tiger Ranger
    White Tiger Ranger

    Power Rangers White Tiger Ranger jigsaw puzzle. 42 pieces. Enjoy this free online power rangers games and have fun with the leatest power rangers games.